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Inspiring and Lightening - Qigong for Autumn with Rae Diamond


Autumn is well known as a time of letting go... but letting go can be hard to do! In this Autumn Qigong workshop, we'll learn practices that bring us deeply into the present moment, so that all else falls effortlessly away.

In the five-element system used in Qigong, autumn is associated with the Metal element. Metal in this instance refers not only to metals, but also to minerals and gems, and thus it is a crystal-clear, jewel-like quality we aspire to in autumn Qigong practice.

Come learn simple but effective practices that calm your spirit, coordinate your breath, mind, and body, and that clear and tonify your lungs, colon, and immune system - parts of the body that help us let go of what no longer serves us. In this way, we enter into a lightness of being, and we stay connected to what's true to our heart, mind, spirit, and body. Practices include both still poses and slow moving meditations, with specific breathing, sounding and visualization techniques.

Cost: $35 before October 5th/ $45 after

Qigong is a self-healing art within the Chinese medicine system that centers around breath and awareness. There are many forms and styles of Qigong, ranging from vigorous movement to meditation in still poses.

Benefits of Qigong:

  • promotes an energized yet relaxed feeling

  • improves mental focus

  • deepens breath capacity

  • gently detoxifies through the lungs, and through moving the lymph

  • improves balance, coordination, flexibility & strength

  • builds joy, especially when practiced in community

In Qigong classes, we practice:

  • rhythmic & circular movements to build energy, and cultivate positive movement & change

  • breathing techniques, and coordinating breath with movement to deepen relaxation and increase energy flow

  • cultivating awareness of energy flow - while in still poses, and while in motion

  • aligning with the seasonal energy

Rae Diamond is a healing mentor, Qigong teacher, and artist, who works with the creative intelligence of nature. In private sessions and classes, Rae seeks to support personal growth through compassionate awareness, innovative perspectives, and mind-body-spirit integration. Currently, Rae is writing a book about the integration of self care, spiritual practice, nature, and environmental care that will accompany an oracle deck painted by Laura Zuspan. Rae also enjoys rambling around in nature, and making strange yet wondrous music.

She works with various Qigong traditions, including Wild Goose, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Five Animal Frolics, and Bone Marrow Washing. She began studying with Margit Galanter in 2014, and currently study with Wild Goose master, Dr. Bingkun Hu. Her work is contemplative, energetic, and therapeutic, and is informed by over two decades of study of Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, meditation, and the Chinese medicine system, and over 15 years of professional practice of energy healing.


"Rae gives very clear instruction while showing the Qigong forms and describing their internal actions. Her experience and knowledge is wide and deep across many disciplines and this enhances her Qigong instruction. What I've learned from her has helped me manage my day-to-day stress and anxiety." - Tim

"Whether the energy work and movement Rae leads me in helps me treat a physical ailment, loosen a psychological block, or fulfill a deep spiritual longing (and often it seems like all of these combined), the hands-on guidance I receive is inspired, gentle, powerful, and joyful. Working with Rae is a sacred delight!" - Jen

"Rae has been an important addition to my wellness practices. I have especially valued the accessibility of her teaching style and prescribed practices. Her approach to Qigong has been an important support in helping me to go deeper into my own nature based approach to elemental and energetic somatic practices. I often use the Qigong movements she has prescribed to manage migraines and chronic hip pain and have added them to my yoga practice and daily self care. Her attention to the subtle obstacles we face through our thought and behavioral patterns has been key to also using these wonderful practices to create opportunities for positive shifts and navigating pain and emotional challenges as they arise. Working with Rae has helped me trust my intuitive self and the intelligence of my body by providing somatic practices that support openness, circulation, energetic cultivation and awareness. I always feel more grounded in my sense of self, and intentional in my actions after her classes and healing sessions." - Crystal