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Shake it off and Let it go - Introduction to TRE™ with Jewel Young Barrette

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An Introduction to TRE™ - Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Did you know that tension, stress and trauma that becomes registered in the body for many years can lead to postural problems, sciatic pain, emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia and even organ weakness and chronic illnesses?

Just like our fellow mammals in the animal kingdom shake off their traumatic experiences, human beings can heal in a similar way. From subtle daily life stresses all the way to the more deep-seated traumas, we can release these experiences from the somatic nervous system and body and regain our energy that may have been bound up with holding those protective patterns or memories.

TRE® was created by Trauma Specialist, Dr. David Berceli, PhD for Middle East war zones and has helped many thousands of people in over 60 countries around the globe. Through a series of seven simple exercises, based on yoga, tai chi and bioenergetics, TRE® safely activates the nervous system’s mechanism of shaking or vibrating. This simple and purely physical somatic workout does not involve psychoanalysis and when practiced in a safe and controlled environment, helps safely release deep tension and stress that may have been inaccessible to deal with otherwise. People have reported the natural tremors as very relaxing and enjoyable, leading to a state of balance and peace in the body and nervous system.

Come and experience this relaxing and powerful practice for yourself, which can then be practiced at home, in resting poses after yoga or after working out.

Cost: $45
If you need to buy several tickets, please be sure to give the name of each person. This will ensure that all names are properly registered and accounted for in our roster. Otherwise, if several spots are purchased without the other(s) being assigned, only one spot will be reserved.

Jewel Young Barrette is a certified TRE® Provider, 500 RYT Yoga Instructor, Personal Training Specialist and sound healer, whose passion is helping people feel more alive, awake, balanced and free to live a powerful and authentic life.

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