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Yoga for Grief with Ken Breniman

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Grief and loss easily get stuck in the body/mind/spirit, causing discomfort and pain. Deepening one’s yoga practice in supportive community brings awareness, movement, and breath to grief’s holding places and create an opening for change.

This workshop is designed for yoga beginners and practitioners of all levels who have experienced a loss or multiple losses (i.e. death of a loved one or pet), major transition(s) (i.e. loss of a job, home, relationship) and self-identifies as ‘bereaved’ or ‘coping with loss.' Together we will honor our individual losses within a circle of support; practice grief-specific yoga poses, breathing, and deep relaxation.

Participants will receive an optional ear acupuncture treatment to calm the spirit and release physical grief.


No yoga experience necessary.

Cost: Sliding Scale $30 - $60


“Ken is more than a teacher, he is a healer. He is compassionate, his demeanor in class is calming and peaceful, and he truly understands the connection between the mind, body, emotions and spirit when it comes to well being and health. I am a huge fan. I've taken his regular yoga classes (not that I would call his classes regular) as well as a Yoga for Grief workshop and would highly, highly recommend both. If you are lucky enough to catch his workshop on grief (not sure how often he does it), do yourself a favor and go. It was a 4 hour workshop that incorporated mediation, yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and acupuncture, and throughout Ken would read poignant quotes. We also had an altar to put a memento of a person, relationship or idea we've lost, and light candles as we set personal intentions for our practice. It was a tremendously healing and touching day, a great way to let go of old emotions/barriers that no longer serve. There were people there for a variety of reasons: new losses, old losses. And I think Ken's workshop was amazingly healing for everyone who attended. It certainly was for me!" -Mel

"Ken Breniman is above all an attentive, nurturing, sensitive and positive teacher. I would recommend any of his workshops and classes as he is an exemplary facilitator with well thought out and sequenced poses, explicit modeling and instruction with modifications, and careful attention to pacing that is consistent throughout. He creates an atmosphere of calm and quiet focus that is truly meditative. All of this is augmented with inspirational readings that begin and end each class. The Grief Workshop consisted of a balanced blend of traditional yoga for the first hour, with the remaining two hours spent in restorative poses, breath work with partners, and acupuncture (if desired). The opening of the workshop was dedicated to those people the students were honoring and remembering who had passed. Stories were shared, candles were lit on an altar at the front of the room, and each person and those who loved them were honored and acknowledged. After having met new friends and shared my deepest emotions of loss, I came away from this workshop feeling calm and centered and even more appreciative of the life and the experiences that have been given to me." -Kathy

"I took the grief yoga workshop with Ken in February at the Sun Room. I found the workshop to be a positive experience both physically and emotionally. Ken creates a very calming atmosphere where a person can honor a loved one while also getting in touch with one's own grief. Healthy snacks and tea were provided and I appreciated the optional acupuncture that we could try. The studio has some materials that can be used to assist you in the yoga poses if you need them. The yoga was challenging but not so much so that you would get stressed out. The class is broken up into optional introductions, a vigorous yoga portion, group exercises, a restorative yoga session and a meditation session. Ken also gives instructions on how to practice calming techniques at home to help through the grief process. Though I still left Ken's class struggling with my loss I felt that I had gained a few techniques to help me work through my grief over time. I will probably return to Ken's grief workshop in a few months. Bring plenty of water. I would also recommend going with a friend if you are feeling vulnerable." -Anonymous

Ken Breniman has practiced yoga for two decades and became certified with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 after graduating from Yoga Tree’s Yoga Teacher Training program in 2006. Yoga Alliance has recognized him as a ERYT-200/RYT-500 as he completed his Yoga Therapy training at Ananda Seva Mission in July 2010. Ken is also a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Most recently, he completed a Master’s level certification program in Thanatology (Mortality studies). He invites you to embrace SIMPLICITY, PATIENCE and COMPASSION as you deepen your practice and your connection with your true Self. Ken offers Yoga Therapy workshops on a variety of topics such as restorative yoga, grief, partner yoga, plant medicine integration, personal death awareness.