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Balance: Inversions and Bandhas with Kristen Coyle


Balance: def: 'A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.’

This workshop will explore the concept of balance through an experiential practice of inversions. The main asana focus will be on: Headstand, L Shape, Handstand, Forearm Balance and variations on them. We will also dive into how the bandhas (physical/energetic locks) lend float and stability to the physical practice and learn pranayama techniques that utilize the bandhas to further understand their energetic qualities.

A wide range of preparatory poses for inverting will be explored alongside study of the anatomical positioning of the shoulder blades in different inversion variations, exercises to help stabilize/strengthen the shoulder girdle, techniques to fire up the core (and bandhas), and work with props to assist with demystifying these challenging poses.

Please bring a pair of socks (to be used as a prop)

Cost: $35

About Kristen: I am a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher and yoga teacher trainer with twelve years of teaching experience. I enjoy cultivating community wherever I go through the universal language of yoga and have led classes, workshops, trainings and retreats at various locales around the world including Hawaii, St.Lucia, Indonesia and Greece.As an instructor, my intentions are to be a clear conduit for the teachings to flow through me in a way that is both empowering and undiluted. My classes are rooted in alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga principles and invite practitioners to explore their potential through challenging, intelligent sequencing, breathwork, mantra and yogic philosophy.