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Transformational Breathing: Pranayama workshop for Mind-Body Balance w/ Domonick Wegesin


We all recognize that breathing is important; but since it happens automatically, we tend to take it for granted. However, the breath is the cornerstone of yoga. Breath is directly related to Prana - our life-force energy. Without breath there is no energy, and there is no yoga.

Yogic Breathing can help develop good physical and mental health, build life-force energy to support longevity and cultivates states of relaxation and focus to support your spiritual advancement.

During this pranayama workshop, you will:

- Develop an easeful diaphragmatic breath.
- Explore breath techniques to calm the nervous system.
- Develop a greater sensitivity to how and where the breath moves in your body.
- Learn yoga postures for effectively opening and strengthening the accessory muscles of breathing to make your breath flow more easily.
- Practice advanced Pranayama Techniques to lead you to deep meditative states of relaxation and focus.

Cost: $40 before November 30/ $50 after

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Domonick Wegesin, (E-RYT 500) has been studying and teaching advanced pranayama for over 15 years. He and his husband start each morning with a breath-based meditation together. Domonick has a background in cognitive neuroscience, and enjoys sharing how these breathing practices impact your brain to help you deal with anxiety and stress.