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Between Shadow And Body - The Secret of You.


An evening of Music, Breath and Reflection with Bone Lhamo Kyap

Bone Lhamo Kyap will take us on a meditative and imaginative journey, helping us to reach the deepest part of ourselves, by filling the room with his soothing world music that incorporates his haunting vocals and Native American flutes.

We’ll have food & drink, Q & A and sharing as well.

To nurture Mother Earth. To recognize that all people deserve refuge and welcome,

no matter how far from home they travel. These are the potent messages that are carried in Bone Lhamo Kyap's ancestors' native tongue, a dying language and are set in the ethnic music tradition of Northwest China, Gansu Province. Bone's music is born of passion and his commitment to healing; he asks you to do more than just listen. You have to feel.

All proceeds will go to support his album campaign:

Suggested donation $15

All donations of $15 or more will receive the ADVANCED DIGITAL DOWNLOADS

*You will immediately receive Bone's first two recorded tracks "Mother Earth is Crying" and "This Pitiful Life"

** The remaining ten tracks will be sent to you after they have been produced and recorded.