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Leadership with a Twist of Yoga - Free Event - with Shar McBee

Leadership training based on yogic principles. You will learn:

  • How to create cooperation.

  • How to motivate people to listen to you.

  • How to win support.

Some of this workshop is physical; some is a way of thinking about yourself and others. Science has proven over and over again how much the mind and body are connected. When we change our bodies (even just our breathing) it can change the way people relate to us. In Sanskrit, yoga means union. Yoga can help you to renew and expand yourself through empowering others.


Shar McBee is the author of Leadership with a Twist of Yoga, which was #1 in three categories on amazon: Leadership, Entrepreneurism, and Business Management. Shar has been practicing yoga for 40 years and writing and speaking about leadership for 25 years.

“Your challenge, as the leader, is not to get people to work. Your job is to make it possible for them to succeed.” - Shar McBee

Arunika Hamden leads these workshops in Australia. She has studied yogic philosophy and managed yoga retreats all over the world. A former nurse and administrator, Arunika likes to quote Mother Teresa, who said, “The biggest disease today is the feeling of being unwanted.”

FREE Event - Please join us - no registration