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*POSTPONED* Shoulder Safe Yoga with Dr. Paul Roache

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Please wait for the new date!

Day 1: Chaturanga & Shoulder Safety
March 9 1-4pm

Join Dr. Paul Roache this March in his exclusive presentation of a unique essential workshop for regular to advanced yoga practitioners, instructors, and anatomy scholars.

In addition to being an Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon Dr. Paul Roache, MD is also a certified yoga teacher. He is known as "the rotator cuff injury expert" in the Bay area. Come meet him and join us in this mutually beneficial preventative workshop.

All workshop attendee's will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Roache's The Shoulder Patient's Handbook, a shoulder surgeon's guide to rotator cuff injuries and other common shoulder problems.

We will gain a clear understanding of :

• The 4 safe and stable positions of the shoulder in arm supported poses such as downward dog, plank and more.

• Why you may be experiencing pain in your shoulder, and how to modify the above poses to diminish or stop this pain.

• The keys to the shoulder safe practice of Chaturanga Dandasana.

• The importance of the scapula in all arm positions in yoga.

Day 2 : Injury Workshop : Working with a Shoulder Injury
March 10th - 1-4pm

Day 2 of Dr. Paul's Shoulder Safe Yoga Series will focus on common shoulder injuries such as - frozen shoulder, impingement, rotator cuff tears, and slap tears.

Get a more in depth look into examples of common shoulder injuries, how to prevent and modify for them in a yoga practice, and develop methods on how to address them with your students.

All are welcome to discuss their own personal experiences with injury, instruction, and prevention with the class. You will also get a chance to have an assessment and explanation of your injury from Dr. Paul. This is a fantastic way to gain more insight into why your shoulder is bothering you and assist the yoga community on further understanding!

Shoulder Injuries scheduled to be covered include : Frozen shoulder; Rotator Cuff Injuries; Slap Tear; Arthritis of the shoulder etc.

Pre-Requisite : Dr. Roache asks that all attendee's have an underlying knowledge of shoulder anatomy for this workshop. If you have not taken the first workshop -- Chatarunga and Shoulder Safety before, please do so before attending this workshop.

Questions? Email

Cost : $45 for single day, $75 for both days

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