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Day-Long Yoga Retreat at Green Gulch with Saraswati & Kathryn

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Join us for this rejuvenating day-long Yoga Retreat to deepen your experience of the healing power of yoga in great company. Through the transformative practices of yoga, breath, healing music, relaxation, and meditation we will awaken our senses, intuition, innate healing and inner source of vitality and harmony.

We will learn how to recognize stress in our body with curiosity and compassion and how to reduce it. We’ll learn practical tools to intervene before stress takes over. The tools you will be learning are directly applicable in any moment, daily life, easy and necessary.

Kathryn cultivates deep listening and an intuitive approach to slowly and gently guide students toward expansion. Experience simple, clear instruction, healing vocals, hands-on adjustments, essential oils, and Reiki attunement as medicine for the body, mind, and soul.

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is also known as Green Dragon Temple (Soryu-ji), a Buddhist practice center in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition. Located in a beautiful coastal valley just a short drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge, it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of National Parkland. Its organic farm and gardens provide a serene environment for retreats. Muir Beach is just a 20-minute walk away, and the surrounding hills offer miles of trails up and down the coast and into nearby Muir Woods National Monument.

There will be time to walk to the beach, to journal and to explore the beautiful gardens of the Zen Center.


$120 before April 1st
$135 after April 1st
Organic Lunch: $15

*Hours can count towards Yoga Kula Yoga training Elective Curriculum*

Cancellations received in writing before April 1 will receive a refund less a $25 processing fee. No refunds available after April 1.

Should you wish to spend the night at Green Gulch Farm before, or following our retreat, reservations can be made by calling 415-383-3134 between the hours of 1:30 and 4:00 PM. Accommodation includes meals.

Saraswati Clere: RYT – 500 – San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Saraswati Clere is the founder of Yogakula Productions and owns Yogakula Wellness Center in Berkeley, which attracts thousands of students each year. She studied in the Iyengar and Anusara Systems and has been teaching yoga for 25 years. She currently offers Yoga Teacher Training Programs and leads workshops and retreats internationally.

Kathryn, E-RYT 500, has been teaching yoga asana and meditation to students of all ages and levels in New York and internationally since 2010. She weaves philosophical teachings, poetry, breath work, voice, and alignment principles into a flow that challenges students to grow into their fullest potential. Kathryn is also a bhakti and has accompanied classes with her vocals and harmoniun playing.


Testimonials from retreat participants:

"I feel rejuvenated. I truly am so grateful to have taken part in such a calming yet energizing experience. My expectations were broken, rebuilt, and surpassed. Green Gulch is glorious! The space was perfect. Very cozy and connected.” -Saba

"It was a blessing to be here. What a gift to have time to reconnect with myself and nature. I loved the way that you Saraswati & Tammy guided our practice today and helped us to have a very meaningful experience--I am leaving feeling relaxed and grounded. I will take this experience to guide me throughout the week and coming months. Walking meditation Yoga stretches Restorative poses (My body feels great).” -Chingwell

"Totally lovely, restoring relaxing. Loved the singing, fire, attention to nature, the beautiful people & love in the room, a beautiful sacred space.” -Amy

"The ambience of the sacred space among the trees made my connection with nature even stronger. I couldn't have asked for a better zen place to experience meditation and yoga. I enjoyed the pace at which we moved. Guided meditations were a huge plus for me as a beginner in that area. I am grateful we could experience Amy's presence with her guitar and beautiful voice. Enjoyed chanting and singing along.” -Ksenia

"We did yoga and meditation before lunch, which I really enjoyed, and the Savasana was really relaxing. I had an amazing time relaxing and just taking time to "do nothing." Lunch was excellent and delicious, but the meditation was really enjoyable and calming. This was my first time doing something like this and it was perfect and amazing!” -Anna K

"Unique and special to share with my daughter, her friend, and her friend's mom, who are my friends too. Walking meditations, Chanting, singing. What a treat." -Alexis

"It was such a healing day & I'm sad to have it end! Thank you for providing space for us to share in class! Appreciated you both, Your heart and spirit! Thank you! Loved how the Retreat began with going out to look at Nature with our senses & at the same time brought us in to the first pose of grounding w/ our feet as a foundation to the day. Loved the music to bring us all together to begin & then to close. Loved the multi-dimensionality of the Retreat--Yoga, Nature, Walking & Music, Sharing, and Eating!” -Lisa H.

"A beautiful space in which to open into Nature. So nice to be in a day of practice with beautiful people. The location, the space, the time, the love, the intention, the fluidity, checking in, practicing and checking out. Thank you so very much.” -Kali

"I had a very wonderful and relaxing experience. It was very calming and I enjoyed sharing with everyone and listening. The pace of the yoga was great. I felt relaxed and not like I had to rush of force myself. You both were very observant to any accommodations people needed which I really appreciated and it made me feel supported. I really felt the day had a very lovely flow. Thank you!!” -Christina

"It flowed nicely. There was a good amount of movement & starting with the stretching outside on the deck was a great way to bring the natural setting into our awareness at the start. The handouts were informative & helped focus my attention on why I was here. As always, the food was fantastic." -Kenya.

"Very enlightening & special, loved it so much. The chemistry, meditation, and eating!” -Ana