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An Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking: Developing Your Culinary Skills at The Tilden House

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Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical tradition, has been defined as the “knowledge of living” or the “science of longevity.” It is an approach that teaches you how to prepare all types of food for optimal digestion and absorption and individual needs.

In this workshop we will cover: an overview of Ayurvedic philosophy, the basic ingredients of Ayurvedic cooking and how they are classified according to their biochemical and bio-qualitative properties; the spiritual aspects of cooking; the relationship of food to consciousness, and much more. We will learn techniques for Ayurvedic cooking and sample some dishes.

Cost: $65 before May 5 / $75 after

Aparna Dandekar, Family Medicine, Osteopathy & Ayurveda
Aparna is a board certified family physician trained in three medical sciences–Western (Allopathic) Medicine, Osteopathy, and Ayurveda.The philosophy that she adheres to is simple: nature knows best. Her inherent faith in nature’s self-regulating wisdom is further strengthened by her Osteopathic and Ayurvedic training. Simultaneously, her experience as an allopathic physician has given her the utmost respect for modern science. She believes that balanced health can be better achieved by aligning ourselves with the guidelines handed down from ages past, while availing ourselves to the benefits of today’s technological advancements.

About The Tilden House

The Tilden House is a small, intentional space for gatherings, special events, yoga classes and trainings. It is nestled in the Berkeley Hills overlooking Wildcat Canyon and offers a sanctuary to retreat and reconnect. In addition to our special events, we offer private therapeutic yoga classes, energy healing and reiki by appointment. Our events are limited to 20 participants to provide a space for intimate, deep work.

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