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Living Yoga: How to Bring the Yoga Teachings into Daily Life with Chase Bossart


Allow a lifestyle of Yoga to support your path to personal development through the study of Yoga Philosophy in this Introduction to Patañjali’s Yogasūtra. The focus of Yoga is liberation, it is a science of intentionally engineered experiences all aimed at increasing your self awareness and supporting you in your own personal development.

Many in the U.S. think of Yoga as a form of exercise, however behind the poses (or āsana in Sanskrit) there is a whole philosophy and lifestyle of Yoga to be explored and lived! In fact, the physical practices are meant to serve as support for practicing Yoga in daily living.

Patañjali’s Yogasūtra is a core text on the practice of yoga in daily life and beyond, and within its 196 sūtras, the universe of human experience is defined and explored. Although it was written over 1,500 years ago, the teaching it offers is just as relevant and urgent to us now in 2019. Indeed, we keep it alive each time we study and apply it to our own life.

Yoga is a path, a set of principles to be implemented in our lives and relationships that help us to find clear direction and move with purpose. This is achieved only partially on a mat or in a difficult posture. The more important expressions are in the way we live, in the ways we relate to others and how we respond to all kinds of situations as they arise. Yoga offers profound capacity to positively impact every aspect of our human system and the amazing ramifications that has on how we experience and live our lives.

The real power of yoga lies not in the strength or vitality it gives the physical body, but rather in the profoundly positive ways it changes every part of our human system.  Yoga's ability to refine the quality of mind, clear negative emotions, create positive habits/behaviors, improve our relationships, and bring forth profound spiritual experiences is even more important than it's many physical benefits. Yoga accomplishes all of this in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand and immensely practical. 

If you are serious about your Yoga practice, or curious about what precisely the Yoga path is, come to this workshop and discover the full breadth and width of how much impact the hour you spend on the mat can really have on your life.  This workshop will endeavor to present foundational concepts of what we are trying to accomplish in Yoga and how to accomplish it.  The workshop is open to all levels and newcomers will find it open and accessible, just as advanced practitioners will find it rich and informative.

This workshop will introduce the Yogasūtra’s main ideas and explain their practical application in daily life. It will also provide a general overview of each chapter and how the ideas interconnect to form a coherent path. Along the way, we will cover foundational concepts of Yoga as a topic, as a practice and as a teaching to be embodied each moment of each day.

Cost: $50 before May 26 / $60 after

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Director of the Yoga Well Institute, Chase has been studying Yoga, Sanskrit, eastern philosophy and religion for nearly 30 years. In 1991, as part of a study abroad program in Chennai, India, Chase took a semester long course on Yoga Theory with Mr. TKV Desikachar that essentially set the direction for the rest of his life. He became a private student of Mr. Desikachar's and spent a total of four and a half years in Chennai (from 1991-2012) studying with him, his family and his senior teachers including serving as a teacher at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. He served as Director of Therapy and Education at the non-profit Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco from 2006-2012. His depth of knowledge on yoga and meditation are shared through practical, humorous anecdotes that translate to everyday life.