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Vedic Teachings on the Journey of the Soul after Death with Shri Vivekshastri Godbole

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Death is an important topic for the yogi and often it is left unexamined in our modern approaches to yoga practice. In the Eastern traditions, death is seen as a time of powerful spiritual opportunity. Every year, there is a two week period in the Vedic calendar known as Pitru Paksha. It is the time to honor our ancestors. What is the Vedic perspective on death and dying? Shri Vivekji will share information with us regarding what the various stages of a soul's journey after death. How can we facilitate the process after a beloved friend or family member leaves their body? He will also discuss the significance of Pitru Paksha and how honoring our ancestors can help us and our family both in this lifetime and beyond. Having this knowledge and awareness helps us approach the notion of death in a new way. This allows us to live with a heightened awareness of the sacredness of life.

$35 before July 28/ $45 after – per event
$60 before July 28 / $70 after – both events

All proceeds benefit the Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala (school for young Brahmins) in Satara, India.

Shri Vivekshastri Godbole is the head of Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala in Satara, India. Vivekji is widely known for his very evocative Vedic chanting, and also for his very accessible and fascinating explanations of Vedic philosophy, ritual and culture. He and his family have been teaching and practicing the Vedic tradition for at least 16 generations. They preside over a Vedic school, which has been recognized by UNESCO and the Government of India for preserving one of the ten most endangered branches of the Vedas. More information is available via

We also invite you to participate in a Vedic puja on the New Moon of July 31st in Oakland. Vivekji will be conducting a traditional 3 hour Vedic puja to honor our ancestors. Please visit for more information.