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Rooted: Hip Openers, Forward Bends and Arm Balances. with Kristen Coyle


Rooted: def: ‘developed by using (something) as a basis.’

This workshop will explore active hip openers, forward bends and arm balances that require open (strong) hips and hamstrings. We will examine, through practice, the relationship between hip openers/forward bends and their arm balance related counterparts. The primary focus will be to learn how to navigate shifting the bodyweight from lunges, squats and seated poses into the hands (arm balances). We will dive into in-depth alignment research, anatomical positioning for the scapulae and pelvis, transitions into Vinyasas and/or inversions, and props to assist in the art of rooting into the poses. 50% effort 50% ease.

Cost: $35

About Kristen: I am a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher and yoga teacher trainer with twelve years of teaching experience. I enjoy cultivating community wherever I go through the universal language of yoga and have led classes, workshops, trainings and retreats at various locales around the world including Hawaii, St.Lucia, Indonesia and Greece.

As an instructor, my intentions are to be a clear conduit for the teachings to flow through me in a way that is both empowering and undiluted. My classes are rooted in alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga principles and invite practitioners to explore their potential through challenging, intelligent sequencing, breathwork, mantra and yogic philosophy.