Welcome New Yogis!

We understand, diving into the unknown can be daunting. Allow us to assure you, this is the good kind of new territory. The practice of yoga has endless benefits for mind, body and spirit and no experience is necessary to enjoy them. Below are some of the common questions we have for first-timers. 


I am new to yoga…do you have a beginner’s class?

Our classes are all levels unless otherwise specified. Our teachers have decades of collective experience and are equipped to educate and empower you during your practice. Modifications are always available for each pose. For our new yogis, we recommend a Hatha or Anusara class to gain a foundational understanding of safe alignment. 


Do I arrive early?

Yes, please! We are excited to meet you and welcome you to the space. For first timers, we recommend coming 15 minutes prior to the start of class. This way, we can have you fill out a waiver and answer any questions you may have.


What do I wear to class?

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. We recommend loose-fitting, athletic or non-restrictive clothing. For our long-haired yogis, don’t forget a hairband. Remove any accessories or jewelry that could impede your movement. The best part? Leave your socks at the door, all classes are all barefoot.

We kindly request no scented perfumes or oils prior to class. Some of our students are sensitive to aromas.


Should I drink or eat before the class?

We recommend an empty stomach will ensure you are more comfortable in class. Wait two hours after a meal or a half hour after a light snack or drink.


Should I bring my mat?

We recommend you have your own but if you do not have one, don’t worry!  Yoga mats can be rented before class for $1. Also, you can store your mat in the studio if you wish.


What is the process when I arrive at the studio?

Take off your shoes and leave them on the racks, turn off your cell phone, log in on the sign-up screen and enjoy your yoga class. Please take any personal items that are not your shoes inside with you. We’ve got storage in the black cubicles inside the studio.


I’m running late! Can I enter the class?

Don’t worry. We understand, things happen. You made it and that’s what matters. Come on in! All we ask is that you wait until the opening meditation or teacher welcome is over.

Adho Mukha Sva…WHAT? I don’t know the names of yoga poses. What do I do?

Just ask! No matter how experienced the yogi, keeping a beginner’s mind is the best way to learn. We have all been new to yoga and like learning anything foreign, it takes practice. When in doubt, ask your teacher. We’re nerds here, so they will have no problem telling you all about the pose.  


What if I can’t do what the teacher instructs?

Every body is different. We don’t believe in “shoulds” in this space. Trust your body and intuition. If rest calls, child’s pose is always available.


Should I speak to the teacher if I have any injury?

Absolutely! Our teachers are here to support you and will offer modifications to accommodate your needs. Feel free to share anything that may affect your physical activity. 


What kinds of yoga do you offer?

We have a variety of yoga classes with instructors that are trained to guide a practice of any level or experience. Our class styles include: Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Mindful Flow and Restorative. Click here to learn more about our classes.


How much does it cost to do yoga?

We would love to offer free yoga to the world but our instructors need to make a living too. We offer different prices, from drop-in ($20) to 20-class series ($12 per class) and also community classes ($10). Please click here to see our series.


I have more questions...

We can chat yoga all day. Drop us a note at info@yogakula.com or ring us at: (510) 486-0264.