Reasons for Doing a Teacher Training even if You don’t want to teach

You don’t need to be a Yoga Expert

Don’t feel you need to be an expert to take a course. Our students are at all levels and there is no judgment. Some people can be bendier or stronger than others but all will learn and deepen their practice.

You will broaden your understanding of yoga practices beyond physical poses

Do you know the 8 limbs of yoga? Asanas are one of them but “yoga” is so much more. You will learn the spiritual side, breath work, ethical codes, philosophy, meditation and more. Training programs will give you a chance to understand the broader context of yoga, which will deepen your understanding and may provide some applicability to other parts of your life.

You will bring structure to your Asana Practice

The attention to detail, the longer practice sessions and the newfound awareness of alignment will all help you to take your practice to a whole new level. You will be working closely with teachers, and they will be available to answer questions you have regarding your practice.

You will learn about anatomy

The anatomy taught in our programs emphasizes concepts that are relevant to yoga, like how the body moves and how anatomical structures relate to the alignment of poses. When you have basic anatomy knowledge, you can understand the benefits of each pose and how to practice them safely. With your newfound body awareness, you will be so much better able to move through your life without getting hurt.

You will learn alternative ways to heal body and soul

Each yoga pose has its own benefits for the mind and body, but there are also contraindications to each pose. Therefore, it’s important to know which poses are beneficial and which poses are detrimental to specific conditions so yoga remain a healing practice.

You will discover your strength

In your training, you will be tested; your will, your ability to hold postures, your ability to focus, your ability to speak in front of people will all be strengthened and stretched. You will come out of the other side of your training feeling physically stronger, but also mentally and emotionally stronger too.

You will get familiar with Yogic Texts

We will study the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and more. Of course, you will not read a 200 000-verse Sanskrit epic, but short passages or summaries of the texts. You will discuss with other students and teachers and hear experienced teachers’ interpretations. You will understand the importance of these texts to yoga.

You will learn or go deeper into the philosophy of yoga

If you only attend drop-in classes, you may never get more than a sprinkling of philosophy here and there. But diving into the history and philosophy of yoga during YTT not only deepens your practice, it also encourages personal growth and pushes you to get to know yourself better. You will learn the origins and centuries-long evolution of yoga history. You will also study the concepts of subtle body, yamas, niyamas and theories of Ayurveda with a specialist.

You will deepen your spiritual practice

The study of the Yoga Sutras, the chanting, and the meditation practices that will be brought into your life through your training will most likely help you to transform your spiritual practice. These are sacred tools that you can use in your daily life that will help you to connect to yourself in a deeper way, regardless of what religious or cultural background you come from.

You will forge new relationships

There is nothing quite like going through the experience of a yoga teacher training – and those you meet in your training will forever hold a special place in your heart. You will understand each other in a very unique way at the end of your course, and there is a good chance that you will make friendships that last a lifetime.


Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down.
— Jigar Gor