Angelo Monsalve 

Angelo began his journey with yoga over 12 years ago while working at the largest Telecom Company in the country. He utilized mindfulness and movement to help him mitigate the stresses of a high-pressure career in sales. After re-examining his relationship with mobile devices, the impact he was making on the world, and how he was making a living, he walked away from it all. His goal was pursuit of a life of fulfillment through the lessons he had learned along his journey…but the question was, HOW?

As Angelo backpacked through Central America, he found his calling in the practice of yoga. He transitioned into becoming a yoga instructor with over 300 hours of logged classes and training. He has his 200 YRT from Yoga Tree in San Francisco and now spends his time predominantly teaching Trauma-Informed yoga in San Bruno County Jail. He loves to share the lessons he has learned while working with the incarcerated and bringing them into the community at large. Angelo champions yoga for every BODY regardless of race, class, body type and gender.