Julia Alexander

Yoga Julia practices and teaches is a reflection of over two decades of passionate study, exploration and travel around the world.  Her influential guides on this path have been masters of various yoga traditions – Tantric, Vinyasa Flow, Shadow Yoga – Shiva Rea, Erich  Schiffmann, Shandor Remete, Angela Farmer, Daniel Odier.  She continues to study modern somatic methods, such as Mittendorf Breath Experience, and to integrate her findings into the process.

Certified as Integrative Yoga Therapist in 1997, Julia hones her style of yoga instruction  by bringing together the structural alignment of the physical body and the energetic experience of the subtle bodies. The result – balance, ease and delight of “doing” and “being” in yoga…

On the personal note, Julia was born and grew up in the former Soviet Union and emigrated to the US in the middle of the Cold War.  Landing in San Francisco in the 70ies, being thrown into the unknown has taught her about resilience, continuous exploration, humility and intimacy of life.

Website: breathingyogawithjulia.com