Kimber Simpkins

Kimber Simpkins is an Anusara Yoga Instructor and the author of the memoir Full: How one woman found yoga, eased her inner hunger, and started loving herself.  A former civil rights lawyer, Kimber Simpkins has devoted the last twelve years to the intensive study of yoga, and has been delighted by yoga’s ability to bring joy to every aspect of life.  The wisdom of Buddhist and Tantric philosophy, the insights of physics and psychology, storytelling, and music continuously resonate through her teaching and the experience of her students on the mat.  She comes from a long line of lay preachers, teachers, singers, and healers and is happy to have found an occupation that seems to blend all of these roles.  Currently Kimber is writing her second book, The Love Your Body Book, based on the yoga workshop in which she shares with women the tools that led her from loathing her body to loving it. She writes a Love Your Body Blog where you can follow her wild and wonderful musings: kimberyoga.blogspot.com.

In addition to her work around body image, Kimber finds herself drawn to the question of how yoga can help our innate connection to nature stay vibrantly alive while living in an urban environment. When not on her yoga mat, Kimber may be found playing, meditating, dancing, writing, or hula-hooping in her backyard garden.

She teaches weekly classes, immersions, workshops, and retreats year round and supports the Health At Every Size movement, welcoming students of all sizes and levels in her classes.  A long-time Bay Area resident, she lives with her partner, son, dog, and cat in Oakland.


Website: www.kimberyoga.com