Laura Chen

Laura’s yoga journey began in Austin, TX where she fell in love with a local studio that therapeutically encouraged her to get out of her mind and back into her body.Her classes will focus on creating harmonies between body and breath, mind and spirit, and self and others. Students can expect a moderately-paced, meditative flow with influences from the Dharma, Prana, and Yin traditions. She usually plays music that complements time for both movement and stillness. As a teacher, she hopes to support students as they explore their experiences and to facilitate a welcoming, community-minded vibe that encourages curiosity and connection.

In the modern era of frequent transitions, this practice has served as a comforting sense of home through change, and she is grateful to share in it with others. She received her training from Yoga District in Washington, DC and has since taught in studios, workplaces, community centers, and offers private classes. When not on the mat, she can be found writing, reading, traveling, baking, taking long walks, or studying in the libraries of UC-Berkeley, where she is a graduate student in Public Policy.