Renee Bruno 

Feeding the beauty and awakening of spirit while supporting physical strength and well-being for all time. 

Renee’s classes bring an enchantment into the present moment through intelligent and dynamic sequencing, offering compositions that are at once precise and spacious. A practice designed to be challenging yet accessible, offering deep attention to breath with an inspiring sense of musicality. Each class curated alongside a playlist to invoke emotive and physical expression on the mat.

At the age of 23 Renee was critically disabled and began her path of relearning to walk and access the natural biomechanics of the body. She brings a well of depth and devotion into creating a disciplined practice that is safe and accessible while optimizing the work. 

In 2013 Renee was certified at the 200hr level in alignment- based vinyasa and has completed additional training in yin yoga, pranayama, trauma informed yoga, and yoga therapy. 

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