Let the beauty you love be what you do
— rumi

Tammy Button

"Let the beauty you love be what you do." It was these words by Rumi that led Tammy to deepen her study of yoga which ignited the possibility of teaching.

Since Tammy was a small child she always felt that there was good in everyone and everything. When she walked into her first Anusara Yoga© class, the sense of a profound connection was made. Thanks to Katchie Ananda, Tammy started down the path to become an Anusara Yoga© student and teacher. Tammy realized in deepening her studies, how well Anusara aligned with her base nature and belief she has held since she was a child. Anusara aligns with that which is good and life enhancing.

Tammy affirms the beauty in each of us with the beauty of alignment and breath, teaching an Anusara Inspired yoga class that leads with the heart, surrenders to the moment and opens up to laughter and possibility. Tammy attests to the healing power of yoga. She has experienced repetitive stress syndrome which has been healed with her yoga practice. She believes that yoga has the capacity to heal and renew body, mind and spirit.

Tammy adores being a mother and yoga teacher to both children and adults. She is a massage therapist with a keen understanding of anatomy and the physiology of the body. She once was a triathlete and an executive in the high technology industry. She understands the impact of extensive training for endurance sports and the challenge of maintaining and finding balance in life. She emphasizes the value of nurturing the body, mind and spirit in her offerings.

With deep gratitude, Tammy acknowledges the teachers on her path, Jim Bernaert, Ruthie Bernaert and Carlos Pomeda with whom she completed her Anusara teacher training, Abby Tucker with whom she is deepening her teacher training, John Friend, Katchie Ananda, Sianna Sherman and Sarahjoy Marsh with whom she takes workshops and regular classes. Tammy has practiced yoga for over 12 years and is a dedicated student to both her teachers and her students.