This training is fabulous in it’s holistic approach, for it weaves together all the aspects of ancient yoga tradition and helps students to apply and integrate them into their own asana practice and their teaching. Integrating why we teach yoga into teaching and also integrated the sacred texts, sutras, mantras, chanting so it’s the whole study of yoga, rather than only focusing on asana practice. – Catherine

The yoga training gives me a lot of knowledge to learn and teach yoga. It makes my practice much deeper and encourages me to share my knowledge with others. I would recommend the training for how serious the teachers are and how much care I have received during the training. – Shanon

It has been great! The thoroughness of the training has been awesome and I love the Anusara system. This training has empowered me to “know what I already know”. I like the variety of the training. – Leah

On the first day I just knew I was in the right place, at the right time in my life. Saraswati and Sir were experienced, graceful and warm teachers. This program brought together all the elements of a mind body and soul connection for me. I feel very grateful and fortunate for all the amazing speakers. I am even more hungry to learn more and take these tools into my life – Magdalena

Siri and Saraswati have been elegant and fearless leaders with so much knowledge and wisdom and with to share with us. It helps to feel that we can all become the teachers in our own unique way and I’ve felt that in the space all along. I’ve learned so much about alignment and foundation, about my own yoga body and path, the wisdom and philosophy we studied helped me go deeper into my 18-20 year path of total Yoga. Very empowering for life regardless of becoming a teacher. – Jewel

I’m so appreciate of the Anusara principles for providing a structure for learning/teaching asana. Siri and Saraswati are both wonderful teachers. Each shared their wisdom and personal insights with a kind and generous spirit. – Amy

I love the balance between practice and lecture. Enjoyed guest speakers and topics, Ayurveda and anatomy. I love that this has been so much more than the poses. I feel that this has been taught in a spirit and grace – not just one “right” way to do things. I’ve felt cared for as an individual. – Tara

We started teaching other immediately and got used to trying out our skills very early in the training – teaching us a teacher’s point of view. Visiting experts are always interesting and a constant review of the Anusara principles. Good mixture of movement and learning. Partner work and group very helpful to learn and practice and support each other. Anusara is a system that is so right for me in every way and finally meets the other practices I’ve done for many years, to join the asana and compliment all my other practices and life style. My body has changed and mind and attitude. It’s been such a deep, amazing, challenging and beyond journey. It’s been a total life support for it all. – Sarah

The Anusara method is key! All information about how to refine a pose and make it “feel good” by using muscle/organic energy, spirals, etc., is going to eventually make me a great teacher. – Heather

The teachers were both so loving and helpful. I’ve made this my yoga home and do worktrade here and attend the many workshops and events that YogaKula spearheads on a regular basis. It makes for such an interesting Kula and lots of variety and fun for make-up hours and more education. – Julie

I am so grateful to have found this training at YogaKula with Siri and Saraswati. I have enjoyed rich, comprehensive training by seasoned teacher trainers; changed my own personal yoga practice for the better; gained exposure to high quality yoga-related/healing practices and topics (Ayurveda, TRE, koshas). – Janet

I think it is an awesome training with a supportive community that’s not too judgmental. I like how there are a lot of different topics, alignment, anatomy, philosophy, and pranayama. – Tiffany

I learned quite a lot about how to describe poses and alignment completely verbally, so that I can watch students while instructing them. We teach much better when we are seeing what’s going on in students’ bodies. I’m grateful for all the suggestions of language to use to get students into poses in a way they will understand. – David

I think it is an awesome training with a supportive community that’s not too judgemental. I like how there are a lot of different topics (alignment, anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, etc.) It’s a very good “sample” of what’s out there. Another note: I think Siri has excellent classroom managements skills! So many different personalities here and it takes a lot of love and patience and intelligence to keep everyone engaged, encouraged and on track! – Tiffany

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita